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Preschool Programs and activities in chico ca

Storybook Schoolhouse preschool
and daycare in Chico offers a two-
year old program, a pre-school
program, and an after school program.

Field Trips

Field Trips

Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we are committed to fun! Both on and off site activities are organized year round to ensure that your child has a great time!

Meal Programs

Storybook Schoolhouse Meal Programs

Storybook Schoolhouse has an
outstanding meal program to ensure
that your children receives the
proper nutrients to grow and

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Storybook Schoolhouse

Your Most Trusted Preschool in Chico

Storybook Schoolhouse had its beginning in 1964. The original child care facility began as a licensed home accepting 12 children. The owner, Deni Vinsonhaler conceived the idea from lack of quality child care available for her own children.

The goal then, and now is to foster and promote the wonderful uniqueness in each child.

Storybook Schoolhouse was established at the current location in 1993. Prior to 1993 it was known as Storybook Nursery School.

Over the years, Storybook Schoolhouse has grown and evolved into much more than a child care center. The environment offers a wonderful, beautiful spacious place where children can thrive emotionally and become educated as well! Contact us Today!

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