Preschool in Chico

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Storybook Schoolhouse is based on the concept that every child is different and unique to themselves. Our goal is to help each child recognize how truly wonderful they are. We believe in positive reinforcement, thus encouraging both successful and confident children. 

Verbal praise is a viable tool that is always available and is used continuously at our school. We have found that children thrive in a positive, structured environment. We do not believe that children are seeking extrinsic material rewards, but instead are seeking success within themselves.

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the importance of good preschools. Storybook understands the need as well. Come check us out!

Our Programs

Storybook Schoolhouse preschool and daycare in Chico offers a two-year old program, a pre-school program, and an after school program.


Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we are committed to fun! Both on and off site activities are organized year round to ensure that your child has a great time!


Storybook Schoolhouse has an outstanding meal program to ensure that your children receives the proper nutrients to grow and develop.


Storybook Schoolhouse offers a full registration packet complete with everything you will need to know before enrolling in our school.