Preschool in Chico

Field Trips

Storybook Schoolhouse proudly represents a fun and lively calendar all year round!

During the summer SBSH runs very similarly to an actual summer camp. With a full schedule of activities Monday-Friday your child is guaranteed to have fun in the sun! Activities include Swimming/water activities at various locations throughout town, miniature golf and skating at Fun Land, age appropriate movies at Tinseltown theater, bowling, and more!

During the school year the fun continues with our on site delightful activities. Hands on cooking lessons are given every Thursday and homemade pizza is made for the entire school every Friday! Pizza Friday not only includes a delicious lunch of homemade cheese pizza, but also gives the children a chance to make their very own homemade sourdough bread (family recipe!) to bring home for the entire family. In addition the children have planned activities throughout the week including basketball, touch football, play productions, and walking fieldtrips to various fun places throughout town.

Our Programs


Storybook Schoolhouse preschool and daycare in Chico offers a two-year old program, a pre-school program, and an after school program.


school bus

Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we are committed to fun! Both on and off site activities are organized year round to ensure that your child has a great time!



Storybook Schoolhouse has an outstanding meal program to ensure that your children receives the proper nutrients to grow and develop.


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Storybook Schoolhouse offers a full registration packet complete with everything you will need to know before enrolling in our school.