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Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we offer four separate programs to fit the needs of several different age groups. All of our staff members are trained to a particular age group to ensure that your children are receiving the proper stimulation and attention for their age. A brief description of each program is listed below, however we welcome drop-ins as well as appointments for any parent who would like to observe one of our classrooms.

Infant Program 

Our infant program is offered year round and is the perfect place for all babies  3 months – 2 years of age. Because we believe that infants need a substantial amount of exclusive attention , we only offer 8 full time enrollment spots, along with several part time spots.   We are always accepting applications and have an active wait list once all spots are filled.  The infant center is located in our private glassed in classroom to ensure sanitation and safety as the babies learn to crawl and walk around. We encourage anyone who might be interested to stop by today and see our wonderful infant center!

Two-year old Program  

Storybook is proud to offer a year-round two-year old program! Within this program your child will learn basic cognitive and social skills while enjoying a fun filled curriculum full of color and texture. We believe that learning must come with fun in order to keep the children interested.  Storybook Schoolhouse encourages the staff members to enjoy the activities just as much as the children that way we maintain a fun and productive atmosphere for your children to feel comfortable to ask questions and learn through observation. The preschool is licensed for 65 children with a state regulated ratio of one teacher for every 12 children. However, our two-year old students receive additional help, and love with trained teacher aids.

Pre-school Program

Preparing your child for kindergarten is our number one goal in our pre-school program. The curriculum for this program is literature based in order to enhance and promote cognitive development. A variety of art forms are offered, such as cooking, painting, molding,  gardening, dramatic play and much more!  Each year in May Storybook Schoolhouse prepares a graduation ceremony in which the preschoolers will walk with their fellow students to receive a certificate of completion. This ceremony comes complete with a cap and gown and is an open invitation for the entire family!  We have found through years of experience that the more direct involvement both the child and family have with our school, the higher the child’s success rate is as they enter grade school.

After-School Program

Our school-aged component is licensed for 75 with a state mandated ratio of 1:14. This ratio ensures that your child has proper supervision at all times. The after-school program operates 12 months of the year with a lively calendar of events occurring each month. The students enjoy staging plays for parents and friends, dancing, and a large variety of field trips to various locations around the Chico community. A quiet space and help with homework is provided for all children arriving in the afternoon, as well as a healthy snack to keep the mind at work. During the summer we offer an exciting calendar of events and field trips.  Each spring the preschool and school-aged children plant a flower and vegetable garden which they enjoy as the garden progresses.

*We offer nutritious home cooked meals at no additional cost. The children and parents enjoy homemade pizza and the children’s home made bread every Friday. Each child has the opportunity to bake his or her birthday cake, also free of charge.

*Special days and holidays are celebrated by festive events such as our annual Halloween Party, annual Thanksgiving Feast, and  of course Santa’s visit at Christmas time!

Our Programs


Storybook Schoolhouse preschool and daycare in Chico offers a two-year old program, a pre-school program, and an after school program.


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Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we are committed to fun! Both on and off site activities are organized year round to ensure that your child has a great time!



Storybook Schoolhouse has an outstanding meal program to ensure that your children receives the proper nutrients to grow and develop.


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Storybook Schoolhouse offers a full registration packet complete with everything you will need to know before enrolling in our school.