Preschool in Chico

Two-year Old Program

Storybook is proud to offer a year-round two-year old program! Within this program your child will learn basic cognitive and social skills while enjoying a fun filled curriculum full of color and texture. We believe that learning must come with fun in order to keep the children interested.  Storybook Schoolhouse encourages the staff members to enjoy the activities just as much as the children that way we maintain a fun and productive atmosphere for your children to feel comfortable to ask questions and learn through observation. The preschool is licensed for 65 children with a state regulated ratio of one teacher for every 12 children. However, our two-year old students receive additional help, and love with trained teacher aids.

Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers like utilizing their enhanced motor skills and senses to explore the world around them. The following activities can be utilized to assist toddlers in expressing creativity, learn how to solve a problem, develop language skills, and more. 

Activities include:

  • Basket of Fun

  • Dance Time

  • Music and Motion

  • Sponge Painting

  • Make-Believe Balance Beam

  • Measure your Treasure

If you are looking for a preschool in Chico to look after your toddler we encourage you to stop by and see our wonderful preschool center in person or simply give us a call. 

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Our Programs


Storybook Schoolhouse preschool and daycare in Chico offers a two-year old program, a pre-school program, and an after school program.


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Here at Storybook Schoolhouse we are committed to fun! Both on and off site activities are organized year round to ensure that your child has a great time!



Storybook Schoolhouse has an outstanding meal program to ensure that your children receives the proper nutrients to grow and develop.


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Storybook Schoolhouse offers a full registration packet complete with everything you will need to know before enrolling in our school.